Be Good

by Scott Miles

BeGood.US 30 December 2008

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Be Good: My Thanks to Mom & Dad — by Scott Miles — is dedicated to Reagan James Miles.


Even though Reagan James didn’t get to meet his paternal grandparents, Dr. James Miles & Mrs. Mylah Miles (my Mom & Dad), I hope Be Good will at least give him a glimpse of how special they were. I chose Be Good for the title because it was Dad’s way of wishing family and friends well. I heard him say that phrase thousands of times, and I always liked it.


There are six chapters in Be Good and you can click on them above (shown in blue on most devices):  JIM & MYLAH — MY BEST MAN — DAY DEW — DR. MILES’ MAXIMS — LETTERS — EULOGIES.


Thank you,

SMiles (Reagan’s Dad)






“Good job Scotty! My favorite sections were Jim & Mylah, My Best Man, Day Dew, Dr. Miles’ Maxims, Letters, and Eulogies. Thank you for putting into one place a summary of a lot of good information about some very good people.”


 “Scotty, I just read Be Good and am sobbing. What a legacy.”


“The whole idea of this website is such a clever way to remember your parents. It’s a wonderful tribute to them and how much you love them (and they would feel very good about that). Be Good is well-rounded, showing different aspects of their lives…you really feel like you get to know your parents, especially your dad. What a neat way for Reagan to learn about them. Your mom and dad sure did an amazing job as parents.”


“It is very well done. I’m very proud of you.”


“You’re an incredibly talented man there, Mr. Miles. Very cool blog/story/history/inspiration. Not only is the content awesome…but the overall layout is great, too. Day dew for sharing.”


“Enjoyed it tremendously!”


“So special. I absolutely love the picture of Mylah and Jim on their wedding day! They were such a beautiful couple. The eulogies are incredible.”


“I wish that I could have known them. They sound like the best kind of people. We just had a little cry reading through your beautiful eulogies. My favorite quote from the eulogy for your mother is this: She made the good things great, the bad things better, and the little things special.”


“Wow! That was great. It is really powerful.”


“Your family is very fortunate to have you document your parent’s history in such an accessible, concise and loving way. I am sure Reagan James will appreciate it when he is old enough to understand.”


“That was so fun to read…it’s an awesome tribute and so much to learn from it! Day dew!”


“Great stuff.”


“Hi Scott: Nice job. I have never heard of a father being the best man at his son’s wedding, but agree there is probably no better way to communicate to a father what he means to you. I am happy that there was so much love in your family and you had such a special relationship with your father. It definitely shows in your relationship with Reagan.” 


“Wow, that’s major. It’s cool to have that for your family and friends to read. I’m honored I had the privilege of knowing Mylah and James.”


“We really enjoyed reading Be Good, and thanks for letting me use any of your father’s maxims. They are all great and he was a very wise man. Your mom sounds like she was also a gem, just like Brenna! Reagan is going to cherish your words about his grandparents and can share Be Good with his children someday. What a wonderful gift!”


“Good job! Go to print! Be Good!”


“It’s incredible how much you remember about your parents. I couldn’t get through it without tears running down my cheeks.”


“Nicely done Scotty. I enjoyed learning a little more about your mom and dad so I can only imagine how much it will mean to Reagan to find out about them over time. Your folks left behind quite a legacy and there is no doubt they are very proud whenever they look down and see it. Say hi to your Gem for me.”


“Very powerful. The most important thing I saw is the love you have for your mom and dad. I hope some day my kids feel like that.”