Be Good

by Scott Miles

Dr. Miles’ Maxims 30 December 2008
In my early teens I started writing down phrases my Dad said to me that I liked.
I’ve often repeated Dad’s quotes to others, and his thoughts have consistently received a positive response.
On what would have been Dad’s 80th birthday (28 Feb 2001), I decided to organize my favorite quotes of his into Dr. Miles’ Maxims.
Most of his quotes are originals, and a few are not, but they’re all special to me because they came from him.
These maxims have had a major impact on my life. Thank you for reading them.
Scott Miles
Dr. Miles’ Maxims ©2002
Dr. Miles' Maxims
You can’t fake happiness.
Always remember what really matters to you.
I didn’t have patients…I had friends.
(no wonder he was a beloved pediatrician for 40 years)
No one can sleep for you.
I don’t think we can waste a minute.
(while dancing and laughing with Brenna as Johnnny played the piano)
It seems like yesterday.
(said with a sigh and a smile while looking at his 57-year-old football team photo, this was a strong reminder of how fast life goes by)
Don’t worry about it if you don’t have any control over it.
Just do the same for your kids.
(after thanking Mom & Dad many times for raising me, I asked if there was any way I could ever repay them for all they did)
Treat everyone with respect, unless they give you a reason not to.
Realize you can’t make everyone happy.
Now, if you don’t behave, I’m gonna have to give you a lovey-up!
(spoken to his own children and to many patients: lovey-up = hug)
The trick is not how you write it, it’s what you do with it after you’ve written it down.
(thank you, Johnnny, for writing down this classic)
Earn money in thousands and spend it in hundreds.
Don’t pull the trigger until you’re on it.
(Dad was great wing-shooter)
Use your judgment.
Happiness is being married to your best friend.
(and he certainly was)
Capture as many happy moments and memories as you can.
(his response when I was asking him about life…we were sitting on the green steps in the ping pong room, and Mom’s passing was just a few days away)
There’s still time.
I’m glad we’re on the same team.
Lo and behold, our kids turned out to be our best friends.
This is my Scotty.
(Dad often introduced me this way and I always loved it…and it’s how I’ll introduce Reagan, except I’ll use his name)
I may not always be proud of you — like if you’re in jail — but I’ll always love you.
Don’t waste time with people you don’t like.
(Dad encouraged me to stay away from negative people)
The opinions of those select few in your inner circle are the only ones that matter.
(your inner circle includes yourself and a handful of family and friends)
Make use of your advantages.
The trick is to be able to disagree with someone and still have them as a friend.
Quick and easy.
(Dad said this when you needed to do something…but were hesitating)
Be thankful for everyday.
They can’t take this away from us.
(he almost always spoke these words, or a similar version of them, after a fun time together)
Be good.