Be Good

by Scott Miles

Eulogies 30 December 2008


4 Jun 1994

Good afternoon. My name is Scott Miles and I am here to say thank you.


First, thanks to all of you for being here today. Your presence means a great deal to me and my family.


Next, thanks to all the people who helped Mom during her 500-day fight with ovarian cancer: the doctors and nurses who treated her; the people of Hospice who gave her comfort; all the friends and neighbors who dropped off food, stopped in to visit, sent cards and letters and called; and thanks to my family, which I am very proud to be a part of…I am especially proud of my Dad.


I’d also like to thank and recognize my brother John. During the last few weeks of Mom’s life, John spent most of his time with her. When he wasn’t there Mom would frequently ask, “Where’s John?” or say, “Send John in here.” John helped her get thru the most difficult time of her life in a way that only he could. She needed him, and he was there.


Finally, I’d like to thank my Mom.


On the night she died my brother Jim said, “If ever there was a person who deserved to go to Heaven, it was Mom.”


She gave her husband and children the gift of unconditional love.


She always tried to point out the positive in anyone or anything. Esther Cook, one of my Mom’s dear friends, remembered golfing with Mom and two other ladies. The first lady hit her ball on the green and Mom said, “pretty shot.” The second lady hit her ball just off the green and again Mom said, “pretty shot.” Then Esther got up and hit her ball into the water and Mom said, “pretty splash!”


She made the good things great, the bad things better, and the little things special.


I overheard a visitor in our house this past week say that Mom was just like sunshine…she always made you feel good. So when you step outside today and feel the warm sunshine on your faces, please think of my Mom, who I will always love.


Thank you.  


Dr. James & Mylah Miles


31 Jan 1998

Dear Dad:


Recently I’ve been thinking about how you will be remembered. I’ve wondered if people will recall the star left halfback at UND, or maybe the handsome Lieutenant Colonel in the military. They might reminisce about your enjoyment of each day, your playfulness, or your passion for bird hunting, pool, and ping pong. Some may remember you as a genuine gentleman who treated others with respect, and who gave his wife and family the gift of unconditional love. Certainly thousands of patients, and their parents, will fondly think of their world-class pediatrician…Dr. James V. Miles, Jr. Others may simply remember you as someone who made a difference.


I will remember you as the greatest man I ever knew. You were my father, my idol, one of my best friends, and my best man. You had more of an influence and a bigger impact on me than everyone else I’ve ever known — combined. We both remember when I was seven and I painfully realized that Julie, Jimmy, and Johnnny’s names all started with a J…but my name started with an S. I just could not understand, so I went straight to you and asked why. You looked down at me, without hesitating, and answered, “Because you’re special.” I am so thankful everyday just to have known you, and I’m very proud to be your son.


Thank you, Dad. You will be with me for all my remaining days. I love you, and I always will.




P.S. Please give Mom a lovey-up for me.